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Brass Self-tapping threaded inserts with tapping grooves
Brass Self-tapping threaded inserts with tapping grooves
Brass ensat bushes with tapping grooves
  • High quality brass self-tapping ensat thread inserts. Particularly suitable for light metals and all types of plastics, both thermoplastics and thermosets
  • This is the most popular model of self-tapping inserts with two cutting slots in the conical end part of the insert.  Due to the cutting slots, the thread inserts remain anchored in the material even under strong shocks or vibrations.  Suitable for most applications. Ensat 302 standard
  • These inserts are self-tapping and do not require pre-threading. They can be easily installed by screwing them into the appropriately sized hole using the installation tool
  • They are usually used to enforce or repair threads in metallic materials with low shear resistance (metal alloys, aluminum, cast iron, plastic, castings, etc.). These self-threading bushes have an internal thread for the screw and an external thread with cutting slots to insert itself into the material
  • Made in the EU. Intense srl is a market leader in the distribution of fastening systems for sheet metal, plastic and metal for 40 years. It is renowned for its thread inserts and selftapping bushes, which have always been recognized by the market as products of excellent quality

Brass Self-tapping inserts with tapping grooves

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