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Nes External thread repair tool - Nes 1A, Nes 2, Nes 3
Nes External thread repair tool - Nes 1A, Nes 2, Nes 3
External thread restorer Nes 1A, Nes 2, Nes 3
Nes thread repair tool - External
Nes thread repair tool - External

The thread restorer for external threads is an indispensable tool for professional thread maintenance.


Nes thread repair restores old threads efficiently and precisely without changing the original structure. Regardless of the thread pitch, the thread restorer removes rust with its robust, hardened cutting blades and cuts the old thread at the head end. The restorer thus has a similar function to a die, except that it cannot be used to cut a completely new thread and several dimensions can be processed with one tool.


Nes thread restorer is characterised by its simple handling, which makes it unnecessary to align or measure the thread. Due to the possibility of clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation, threads can be re-tapped flexibly. 


The tool is applicable for metric and inch sizes with 55° and 60° thread angles. Both coarse thread and fine threads can be recut with it.

- No calibration required
- Self adjusting to any pitch and size within range
- Automatically chases good thread sections to repair the damaged parts
- Replaceable hardened cutting blades (HSS)
- Removes rust and burrs
- Compatible with Metric (M, MF) and Inch treads (UNC, UNF, NPT, G BSP, BSF, BSW, etc)


NES 1A: M4 - M18 and 5/32” - 11/16” 
NES 2: M17 - M38 and 11/16” - 1 1/2”
NES 3: M35 - M152 and 1 3/8” - 6” 

Nes thread repair tool - External

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