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Manual Thread insert Installation tool - Metric
  • The single size installation tool for metric helicoil thread inserts designed for manual use. Allows the installation of all types of thread inserts, including those complying with DIN 8140, used in the aeronautics and automotive, and also those with a reduced diameter for general use
  • It is the most popular installation tool, the same contained in the Thread Repair Kits
  • The threaded nose prepares the helicoil thread insert to the size of the thread, making installation simple and safe. It also allows installation in difficult areas, without use of the other hand to hold the insert
  • Made in the EU. Intense srl is a market leader in the distribution of fastening systems for sheet metal, plastic and metal for 40 years. It is renowned for its thread inserts and selftapping bushes, which have always been recognized by the market as products of excellent quality

Manual Thread insert Installation tool - Metric

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    How to use:
    Position the thread insert on the installation tool, screw clockwise. The thread insert is guided into the nose and is prepared for insertion into the hole, previously treated with the thread insert tap. After installation is complete, the drive shaft can be removed with the tang break off tool. If it is necessary to remove the thread insert, this can be done using the extractor


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