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ROUND Die, For stainless steel, G (BSP)

Thread standard: G (BSP) pipe thread, British standard Whitworth pipe thread DIN ISO 228
Type: Round die
Application: For stainless steel
Material of product: HSSE
Spiral entry: yes
For materials: Stainless steel (INOX, V2A, V4A etc.)
Tensile strength up to: 1200 N/mm2
Standard: DIN 5158
Tolerance: A

Special geometry for Stainless steel.
Round dies are cylindrical and are used for making external threads in one operation. They have - depending on the size - three or more cutting edges inside. The holes between the cutting edges receive the chips, roll them and discharge them. Dies are used to cut screws, nuts and threaded rods in everyday use. The die holder is used to cut the threads by hand and with the special die holders you can also attach the round die to a tailstock or to a drill. The dies can usually be used on both sides and have a perfect cut.

Our taps and dies are produced to the highest quality standards, to ensure precise quality threads. Wide range of hand, machine and rolling taps, dies and tools for cutting professional threads on various materials

Correct lubrication is important for successful thread cutting and to decrease the wear of taps and dies. We recommend using our lubricants. We also have holding tools for taps and dies: Tap wrenches, die holders, die guides and more

Brand: Baer Tools (Germany)

ROUND Die, For stainless steel, G (BSP)

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