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Heat gun with digital display 2000W, 832002 Sonic Equipment

High quality heat gun with extensive temperature and airflow control. Two infinitely adjustable air flow rates and a digital display with memory function. Incredibly strong 2000W-motor, which can be quickly reach a temperature of 650°C. The heat gun has an improved thermal safety: the gun will be switched off automatically when the motor overheats.


Nominal power consumption: 2000Watt
Power supply: 220-240V/50-60Hz
Length cable: 2m
Working temperature and airflow adjustable in 2 positions: 50 - 650°C
Position I: 50°C / airflow 250-500 l/min
Position II: 50-650°C / airflow 250-500 l/min
4 mouthpieces included


Height (H): 350 mm
Width (W): 100 mm
Total length (L): 291 mm
Weight: 2.45 kg

Heat gun with digital display 2000W, 832002 Sonic Equipment

SKU: 832002
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    Codice EAN 4713268477137


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