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MSS+ composite worktop full height setup, 5880004 Sonic Equipment

Sonic Equipment offers two modular storage solutions. MSS and the premium variant MSS+.


Sonic Modular Storage Solutions plus (MSS+) is our pride when it comes to modular storage solutions. This high-quality product line is designed for true professionals, who accept nothing less than the best:


- Modular construction

- Over 100 different modules & elements

- Sheet steel self-supporting system

- Electrostatic powder coating to protect against scratches, wear & corrosion

- Composite or Stainless Steel top blade

- High-capacity drawers, up to 230KG per drawer

- Safety drawer blocking system for mobile cabinets

- Combination safety lock for each cabinet

- Compatible with Sonic Foam System

- 10-year warranty

Height (H) (In Mm):  2000
Total length (L) (In Mm):  4060
Weight (In G):  875130
Width (W) (In Mm):  650
EAN Code 4713268471036

MSS+ composite worktop full height setup, 5880004 Sonic Equipment

SKU: 5880004
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