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Empty toolbox S14 NEXT 15D dark grey RAL7016, 47376116 Sonic Equipment

The Sonic Equipment NEXT S14 toolbox is part of our top range, for technicians looking for any advanced and expert toolset. This toolbox is one of our largest roll around boxes. At a width of 145cm and depth of 65cm, the NEXT S14 is great buy for a storage option that has a higher worksurface while supporting larger amounts of storage space.


- Unique drawer configurations for better ergonomics
- Reinforced stainless steel worktop with integrated side pockets
- Spray can holder and paper roll holder
- 4 heavy duty casters with 350kg loading capacity each
- 9 XL drawers, of which 8 are shallow and 1 is deep and 7 medium
- Shallow drawers are equipped with 60kg telescopic ball bearing slides
- Deep drawers are equipped with 120kg double slides
- Advanced drawer blocking system for anti-tilt protection
- Total loading capacity of 1050kg

Color:  RAL7016
Drawer Dimensions:  8x 745x570x65mm 1x 745x570x150mm 5x 570x370x65mm 1x 570x370x150mm 1x 570x370x215mm
Drawer Quantity:  16
Height (H) (In Mm):  1179
Total length (L) (In Mm):  1445
Weight (In G):  276000
Width (W) (In Mm):  658
EAN Code 4713268482933

Empty toolbox S14 NEXT 15D dark grey RAL7016, 47376116 Sonic Equipment

SKU: 47376116
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    - FREE DELIVERY for all toolboxes in Italy!
    - Financing available on request starting from orders
    - With the purchase of a Sonic toolbox, receive a 50 euro voucher for the purchase of spare parts valid within 24 subsequent months
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    - We are available for the questions about this product by phone, email or chat here on the site
    - For a complete view of theproduct range download Sonic Equipment catalog

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