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MACHINE FORMING Tap, General use, Metric

Thread standard: Metric, ISO DIN 13
Type: Machine forming tap
Application: General use
Material of product: HSSE
Surface treatment: TIN
For materials: Steel, Stainless steel, Cast aluminum, Coper, Brass etc*
Tensile strength up to: 850 N/mm2
Standard: DIN 371/376
Tolerance: ISO2/6HX

The Forming tap has improved geometry for an optimal processing of a big range of materials. The lubrication grooves provide the necessary lubrication to depths of 2.5 D.

- no chips
- up to 20 times longer lifetime (compared to taps)
- same forming tap for through hole and blind hole
- wide range of materials can be processed
- intersection of the thread is impossible
- no pitch or flank angle errors
- increased strength of the thread through material deformation
- higher surface quality
- much higher cutting speed
Please be aware to reach enough cutting speed, so that the material can optimally plasticized. Only for machine use.
The TIN surface treatment (titanium-nitride gold-yellow) increases the surface hardness (approx. 2300 HV) and the sliding properties. It provides a better cutting performance and increased tool life time.

- Steels up to 850 N/mm²
- Stainless steels up to 850 N/mm²
- Cast aluminum and wrought alloys Si <10% (average chip length)
- Copper, copper alloys and brass (long chipping)
Our taps and dies are produced to the highest quality standards, to ensure precise quality threads. Wide range of hand, machine and rolling taps, dies and tools for cutting professional threads on various materials

Correct lubrication is important for successful thread cutting and to decrease the wear of taps and dies. We recommend using our lubricants. We also have holding tools for taps and dies: Tap wrenches, die holders, die guides and more

Brand: Baer Tools (Germany)

MACHINE FORMING Tap, General use, Metric

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