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Die Stocks in steel, DIN 225
Die Stocks in steel, DIN 225
Die holder M, MF, BSW, G (BSP). In all steel
Die Stocks in steel
Die Stocks in steel

The die holder is a very special holding or operating tool designed to hold a thread cutting die and operate it by hand. It is essentially made up of two components: the body and the handles. They are very sturdily constructed and are therefore highly resilient, wear-resistant and a precise fit.

An all-steel die holder is ideal when a larger thread diameter has to be cut and thus a higher torque is required. The reason for this is that the higher quality of the cast steel also allows higher forces to be absorbed.
The core of the tool is the body. It is provided with a round opening into which the round die is inserted. With the help of five fastening screws, which can be tightened with a slotted screwdriver, the round die is fixed in the die holder. The screws engage in the holes of the cutting die and hold it in place in this way in the die holder. The round die is then firmly fixed in place and can be removed. This gives it a tight fit and prevents it from turning when the thread is cut.
There are two handles on the left and right of the body. They allow comfortable handling and optimum distribution of the force. This makes it easy to cut external threads manually without using a machine.
The use of die guides is also possible due to the design. When using die guides, make sure that the holes of the guide overlap with the holes of the die so that the chip transport is guaranteed.
Once you have got the hang of it, cutting precise external threads by hand quickly becomes child's play.


Suitable for M, MF, BSW and G (BSP) thread standards. See the data sheet for details

Material: Steel

Standard: DIN 225


The perfect thread in just a few steps:

  • Before starting work, the bolt must be prepared. Clamp the bolt in a vice and chamfer the end. This means filing the edges all around at an angle of 45 degrees. This not only makes it easier to insert the cutting tool into the die holder, but also to screw it into the receiving internal thread later.
  • When the bolt is ready for use, the next step is to prepare the die holder. If the die is suitable for use with a die guide, then you can fit the die guide at this point. The guide will help you to cut the thread vertically. Then insert the die into the die holder and secure it against rotation with the retaining screws.
  • Cutting is made easier by using cutting oil or cutting paste. Apply a drop to the bolt and/or the thread cutting die in the die holder.
  • Now place the die holder on the bolt and turn it until the desired thread length is reached. Then unscrew the die holder in the opposite direction.

Die Stocks in steel

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