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Coiled spring pins Spirol HEAVY duty, ISO 8748, DIN 7344, UNI 6876
Coiled spring pins Spirol HEAVY duty, ISO 8748, DIN 7344, UNI 6876
Coiled spring pins spirol in carbon steel and stainless steel

Spirol coiled spring  pins are coupling elements manufactured from rolled steel. They have a spiral shape and 2 1/4 coil cross-section, which gives them considerable radial flexibiliyt. This flexibility, together with the absence of the axial shear common to normal spring pins, enables them to perform at a superior level in the presence of shocks and vibrations between coupled elements.

Coiled spring pins are available in three duties, light duty, standard duty and heavy duty, to provide a variety of combinations of strength, flexibility and diameters to accommodate different host materials and applications.

Available in Carbon Steel (C67S HV420-545), Nickel Stainless Steel (AISI 304 hardened HV120). And also in Chrome Stainless Steel (AISI 420 HV460-560) upon request.


HEAVY duty: ISO 8748, DIN 7344, UNI 6876


Duty choice:

Wherever space allows, use Standard Duty Coiled pins. They have the optimum combination of strength and flexibility for use in nonferrous and mild steel assemblies. Standard duty Coiled Pins are also preferred in hardened components when there is enough space to accommodate the larger diameter to withstand the applied force because of their ability to absorb shock and vibration.

Heavy Duty pins should be used in hardened materials where space or design limitations preclude the use of Standard pins of larger diameter.

Light Duty pins are recommended for soft, brittle or thin materials such as plastics, aluminum, die castings, ceramics, and where holes are located close to an edge of the assembly. In situations not subjected to significant loads, such as when used purely for alignment or as an axle, Light duty coiled pins are often used because of easy installation resulting from lower insertion force

HEAVY duty Coiled spring pins Spirol

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