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Conical countersink, DIN 335
Conical countersink, DIN 335
Countersink, 90 degrees HSSG DIN 335

The 90° countersink is a tool for making tapered offsets or for precise deburring of bores. A hole in metal should always be deburred with a countersink, as the edges of the hole are very sharp. This is useful both to avoid cutting injuries and to achieve a flat surface.

If the screw is to be countersunk into the workpiece, the hole is pre-machined with a countersink. The hole is then drilled out conically to countersink the countersunk screws into the material. In this way, the screw head is flush with the surface of the workpiece.

- For normal steels, cast iron, iron, sheet metal, aluminium and light metals up to 800 N/mm²
- For burr- and chatter-free countersinking, deburring and countersinking.
- You achieve best results with low cutting speeds


Standard: DIN 335

Material: HSSG


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