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Air hose reel 9 meter, Ø8mm,Max. 10 Bar, 4822402 Sonic Equipment

All Sonic air hose reels, CE approved and made in Italy, are equipped with an automatic rewinding spring and a robust external plastic casing. The steel rotating brackets ensure efficiency. Slow motion systems allow you to slowly and smoothly rewind cables and hoses without jerks. They guarantee greater safety, better organization and greater productivity.



Automatic rewinding spring
Steel swiveling wall bracket
Ratched stop device easily inspectable and removable by the end user
Fitting 1/4”
Hose diameter 8mm
Maximum working pressure 10 bar
Glossy polyurethan hose
CE approved


Height (H): 205 mm
Width (W): 290 mm
Total length (L): 290 mm
Weight: 3.4 kg

Air hose reel 9 meter, Ø8mm,Max. 10 Bar, 4822402 Sonic Equipment

SKU: 4822402
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    Codice EAN 4715898546412


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