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MSS 1348mm setup with stainless steel worktop, 4731605 Sonic Equipment

Sonic Equipment offers two modular storage solutions. MSS and the premium variant MSS+.


Sonic Modular Storage System (MSS) has been a successful part of our product range for years. This long-lasting favorite is the perfect way to maximize the efficiency and organization of your professional workplace:


- Modular construction

- Over 34 different modules & elements

- 0,8 mm sheet steel self-supporting system

- Electrostatic powder coating to protect against scratches, wear & corrosion

- Wood or Stainless Steel top blade

- Safety drawer blocking system for mobile cabinets

- Key safety lock for each cabinet

- Compatible with Sonic Foam System 

- 10-year warranty

Color: RAL9004/9006
Height (H) (In Mm):  1002
Total length (L) (In Mm):  1348
Weight (In G):  175200
Width (W) (In Mm):  500
EAN Code 4714123792112

MSS 1348mm setup with stainless steel worktop, 4731605 Sonic Equipment

SKU: 4731605
Excluding VAT

    - MSS 674mm cabinet without worktop
    - MSS piano di lavoro in acciaio inox 52'' 1348x500x39


    - Free design of your customized workstation
    - Financing available on request starting from orders
    - For orders of items not in the shop contact our sales office at


    - We are available for the questions about this product by phone, email or chat here on the site
    - For a complete view of theproduct range download Sonic Equipment catalog

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